1. 1. By buying a Sportmax Gift Card (hereinafter known as the Card) and using it, the Customer accepts the terms and conditions listed here, which can also be consulted online through the sportmax website.com/gift-card/policy, in their entirety and without any exception.

  2. 2. The Gift Card cannot be reimbursed or converted into cash.

  3. 3. Sportmax Gift Cards are available in the following formats:

  4. a. Physical Gift Cards are available at all participating Sportmax retail locations listed on the website at sportmax.com/gift-card/stores

  5. b. Virtual Gift Cards are available on the Sportmax website.com/gift-card

  6. 4. Sportmax Gift Cards can be used in all Sportmax, Max Mara and Weekend Max Mara retail locations listed at sportmax.com/gift-cards/stores and on the sportmax.com and maxmara.com websites in Italy. Sportmax Gift Cards can be used to buy any product from collections sold in the Sportmax, Max Mara and Weekend Max Mara stores, as well as online at sportmax.com, maxmara.com and weekendmaxmara.com in Italy. Gift Cards cannot be used to buy other Gift Cards or ancillary services.

  7. 5. Customers can choose the Card’s value from a minimum of €50 to a maximum of €1.999,99 . It can be used all at once or broken up over multiple purchases, both in-store and online.

  8. 6. The purchase of a Sportmax Gift Card is not subject to VAT, pursuant to Article 2, Paragraph 3, point a) of Presidential Decree 633/1972 and any subsequent amendments.

  9. 7. Sportmax Gift Cards can be purchased using any approved payment method in participating boutiques or online at sportmax.com in Italy. They cannot be combined with promo codes, gift certificates, gift vouchers or other gift cards.

  10. 8. The Sportmax Gift Card amount does not earn interest and cannot be converted into any monetary form.

  11. 9. A Sportmax Gift Card is only valid and enabled after activation, subject to payment of the Gift Card’s value and its simultaneous delivery. When bought at a retail location, a Gift Card is activated upon purchase and delivery. A virtual Gift Card bought online at sportmax.com is activated after payment has been verified. Activation will be communicated via email, to both the purchaser and the recipient, if there is one.

  12. 10. In regards to Sportmax virtual Gift Cards purchased at sportmax.com, Max Mara s.r.l. is by no means responsible for non-receipt and non-activation or delay in the receipt of said virtual Gift Card by the recipient for reasons of force majeure and, in any event, not attributable to Max Mara s.r.l., such as, but not limited to: (i) poor operation or interruption of telecommunications lines and/or systems; (ii) delay in the transmission of information or data, or the loss of information or data that may occur due to one of the causes indicated in the previous point (i); (iii) inaccuracy of the data of the virtual Gift Card’s recipient as provided by the purchaser of the Gift Card; (iv) failure to deliver the Gift Card to the email address indicated or (v) any circumstances where the email address sent by Max Mara s.r.l. is marked as spam or junk mail.

  13. 11. A Sportmax Gift Card is valid for 12 months from its activation date. It can be used multiple times up until its initial value has been reached. After the expiry date, the Gift Card cannot be renewed or used to purchase products. Any remaining value cannot be refunded or reimbursed in any way.

  14. 12. If the price of a purchase is more than the balance remaining on a Card, the difference can be paid using an approved payment method at the following monobrand stores: Sportmax, Max Mara and Weekend Max Mara (sportmax.com/gift-card/stores) or online at sportmax.com, maxmara.com and weekendmaxmara.com. The purchase price can be paid by combining the remaining balance on the Gift Card and any other approved payment method in participating stores and online.

  15. 13. The remaining balance of a Sportmax Gift Card can be verified at any time up until its expiry date at any participating retailer, as well as on the dedicated page at sportmax.com: sportmax.com/gift-card/balance.

  16. 14. Sportmax Gift Cards are transferable and can be used by anybody who presents them for the purchase of products, regardless of where they were purchased. The Cardholder alone is responsible for using the card and keeping it safe. In the event of theft, loss or damage, the card will not be replaced or refunded.

  17. 15. Sportmax Gift Cards obtained fraudulently or illegally may be cancelled and cannot be used to purchase products. In such cases, Max Mara s.r.l. reserves the right to report possible cases of fraud to the relevant authorities, after carrying out the appropriate checks.

  18. 16. The Sportmax Gift Card cannot be used by the Cardholder for publicity or for the promotion of Max Mara s.r.l. products, except when given express authorisation by the company itself.

  19. 17. Sportmax Gift Cards are solely a method of payment and are not intended in any way to be an investment tool and/or savings opportunity.

  20. 18. Any complaint relating to the use of a Sportmax Gift Card should be sent via email to the following address customerservice@sportmax.com or by calling the freephone number 800 800 608 016 or +39 0522 494978.

  21. 19. In order to use a Sportmax Gift Card, the holder is required to physically present it at the time of use in an authorised store. Exclusively in relation to virtual Gift Cards, we will accept printed versions of the card received via email, or on devices to which it has been saved.